We had an opportunity to bid for a new piece of business with Alcon. This was a full-scale company effort with every single department involved. 
I lead all creative aspects of this project from start to finish. After establishing a theme "Reach for the Stars" I created the look and feel of the project. Then I deployed a single library of creative assets to the rest of the team. This would ensure that although other departments were creating their own designs, under my direction, everything would have a cohesive look. 
Deliverables included pre-sales an interactive on-screen sales presentation and a perfect bound printed proposal. I also oversaw all the printed and digital pieces of the marketing engagement campaign. We designed packaging, websites, videos, custom amenities, event invitations, and several brochures. 

Under my direction the team produced several videos. This was a hype video to get the participants excited about Tenerife. 

I designed an Interactive sales presentation, which included animated pages and lots of infographics created in InDesign. For the final presentation, I converted it into an interactive website using in5.

This was the cover design of the printed proposal. We used spot UV and soft touch coating for extra pop. 

One of the inside spreads that spoke to the marketing process. 

An inside spread that represented the engagement journey using an infographic. 

A spread that illustrated the final night theme event at an observatory. 

The final printed proposal was well over 60 pages and perfect bound. We printed it all on 100# gloss text, except the cover which was 100# cover. The finished proposal was beyond your standard three hole punched proposal that many have received. Overall, we were thrilled with the result and the client was blown away. 

This proposed landing page design, using dynamic text effects, set the look and feel for the entire engagement program. 

We designed and presented a full program of printed pieces. This was the announcement brochure. We gave each of the executives their own printed sample pack.  I have printed samples of everything that we designed.

As well as printed pieces, we had digital engagement elements. Landing pages, email marketing, custom app and more.

We also designed on-site graphics and amenities for the program. This is an example of one of the banners that was to appear at the client's hospitality desk inside the proposed hotel. 

These were a series of gifts cards that would accompany a custom gift for each traveler. 

We presented group event invitations for each experience. 

We proposed a social wall while in Tenerife. Participants would see the social engagement from each other. 

For the final video of the presentation, we had one of the workers at the hotel in Tenerife record a special greeting to our client. 

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